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Sometimes we get so caught up in our Daily job, we forget to step back, and look at what is going on at your current job, and other companies in the same space. So I decided I would step back, and take a look!

First and foremost: Print Yellow Pages, is still in heavy decline. Make no mistake, folks still use the book, just not nearly as much. It is pretty clear, that finding the information you want about a business, or a particular vertical – folks are looking in many place.

Think about what you do daily, and nightly – grab that cell phone, smart phone, tablet, laptop. It has become about portability in a useable, readable, connected experience. To that end, Advertising has taken on a very unique way to reach the consumer.

Second: to match the consumer and advertiser – you need to spread the word in many ways. Mobile, Video, Website, Social Media, App, Search, Text, Print, Radio, TV, Billboard and on and on and on. Wow, how do you do that with a small monthly budget set aside to attract – generally buyers within 30 miles or less?

Third: Start simple – get a website that works on 3 of the 4 main screens – Desktop, Tablet, and Phone. TV is the forth screen, and that can be covered by your video. One you have a responsive website, promote it by being smart. Follow some simple rules:

1) Put it on your business cards, trucks, printed material.
2) Make sure your website has your phone number, address, and hours of operation – remember the basics.
3) Maintain a solid Customer Mailing list with Emails.
4) Ask for Email addresses always, customer, or potential customer.
5) Add your Social Media Links to your Website – Facebook, Google+, Twitter, and any others that make sense.
6) Make sure you post at least twice a month. Also, watch for users that respond to your business on the social feeds. Make sure you get back to them!

Advanced Rules:

1) Promote with Search Engine Marketing. This will get you placement on Google, Bing, and Yahoo…Quickly.
2) Setup solid Search Engine Optimization tactics: Solid Website, with Title Tags, Href, H tags, etc. This will get you found naturally on the Search Engines over time.
3) Track your results: Ask folks how they found you, use tracking phone numbers, use Proxy/Landing Pages with strong closing call to action.
4) Now you are ready to bring in additional media – Holistic Approach – find Buyers that use all sorts of media, Yellow Pages, Newspaper, TV, Radio etc.
5) Above all – tie it to your Digital Strategy. This is the future – better get there!

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