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As the Digital age progresses, it is crystal clear, that Print Yellow Pages is on final life support. Hibu and YELL are following the fate of Supermedia, Dex, and AT&T yellow pages. Hibu/YELL will be bankrupt. Supermedia and DEX and delaying the second round of bankruptcy as long as possible by combining and reducung expenses. AT&T sold off what would be a disaster for the larger wireless company. Clearly a sign of the times for yellow page companies.

LocalEdge still has print yellow pages, but continues on its 10 year plan from 2005 to 2015 – get out of print! Our Digital Marketing Services unit continues to grow, and our Print continues to shrink.

We continue to plan on shutting down print, and expanding our Digital Teams. This transformation is very difficult. It means making decisions on people, markets, products, strategies that affect lives from folks you keep, and folks you don’t keep.

Since we have planned for this transformation, it helps! Still, letting folks know that Digital is the future, and knowing they can’t transition is the hardest thing.

It is even harder when you are hiring Digital skilled folks with Google, Yahoo, Bing, Video, SEO, SEM, SMM etc. experience, and have to let the veteran print folks that can’t make the transition go.

The Internet has changed many things. Many opportunities, and many challenges. We will continue to strive to be out of the print business, while we continue to transform. This is the difference between LocalEdge and the others. The others will continue to have mass lay-offs, and record debt etc.

LocalEdge will continue to exist, prosper, and lead!

Best to all, and remember – train for the future, remember the past.

Jeff Folckemer

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