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Wow! Had a great meeting with about 200 plus of my team members. We reviewed some company changes, profit sharing, and product plans. I have sent the decks to the managers to share with the team members. It was great to talk about SEM, and how it is evolving. Discussing how each employee is part of the machine to make our products better, and better. How our Web Group, connects to SEO, SEM etc. We discussed my latest strategy meetings with Google, and how our Premier SMB Partnership has given us some great support from our Google support team. We continue to work with Google on unifying the Google + local/places pages, and how we can better mange the pin code that we are forced to enter to activate our businesses on the maps, carousel, +pages etc. I am looking forward to our expansion into new markets, and the continuing education on how Digital/Internet Marketing works for our partners and customers.

Jeff Folckemer

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