Posted August 21, 2012

As I have discussed over the past few years, Yellow Pages without Digital Marketing Services is basically dead. Today Dex One and SuperMedia announced plans to merge, creating an entity called Dex Media with roughly $3.1 billion in revenue, based on 2011 results, but pacing towards a 2.5 – 2.8B 2012 finish. The cost efficiencies with the combined company will help them transition out of print.

This is a move that Peter McDonald – CEO of Supermedia – will end up being the CEO of the new company. Congrats to Peter. The US market for Yellow Pages will end in 3 or less years. Converting to Digital is the only way this company can survive. As I continue to work on closing print, and converting to Digital Only markets, the competition will continue to grow in the Digital Space.

Posted August 8, 2012

Search Engine Marketing Companies can help you be found on the Internet. With Google controlling approx. 66% of Search, Bing controlling approx.15.8%, Yahoo controlling approx. 14%, and Ask controlling Approx 3% of all searches done in the United States……….why any business would pay or buy clicks or impressions on any Yellow Page site doesn’t make much sense. Once you start looking at Search Engine Optimization, other sites factor in for Linking strategies, but that should be about it. Make sure when you as a business setup your digital strategy, you focus on buying a Digital Package that includes Google. The Package should include at least SEM, SEO, SMM, Video, Mobile with a Landing Page that can be tracked! This way you know your Total Search Solution Package is paying off. Remember, traditional media is dying a slow death. Add Digital to the mix, and it can boost the performance of traditional media, and put you in front of your customers. You need to be everywhere these days to cover the wide and ever-changing marketing landscape.

Posted July 31, 2012

This is a very simple question – you need BOTH. I always find it interesting when I talk to advertisers and they don’t want to spend money on Search Engine Marketing. They spend money in print, TV, Radio etc., but are scared to spend on Search. The reality is that advertisers should cut spend on traditional media, and move it to Search Engine Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Video, Social Media Management, Digital Display, Reputation Management, Story Syndication on the web etc. etc. etc.

Bottom line is go where your customers are looking, or at least where most of them are looking, and it is on Mobile, Desktop, Search, Video, and all things Digital!!!! If you can get the traditional media company to Bundle Print and Digital – this is a win win case. Touching all potential customers, on all sorts of media is how you succeed!

Posted July 26, 2012

Google Search Premier Partner……..that is why we are one of the best Search Engine Marketing companies out there. Combine that with our Search Engine Optimization skills, and our holistic approach to Mobile, we are your best partner to move your company into the Digital Space.

As we continue to onboard more Resellers, we will be setting up all of our partners to own the Local Search Engine Marketing space. In the end, print will be gone, and Digital will be left standing. Focus on the package, and take advantage of your local brand. This is how you reach local advertisers, and help local advertisers win in the digital age.

Posted July 19, 2012

It is clearly time to look at Yellow Pages as the horse and buggy. Not to say that taking a ride in a horse and buggy isn’t fun, but it is time to move over Yellow Pages because Digital Marketing Services is here to stay. When I look at the vast Digital Product set, and how it affects Internet Marketing, it is clear that all of the products connect. Connecting the dots of Internet products, is how you gain momentum. Never settle for just a Website, or just SEM – get the whole deal. Thanks for checking in.

Posted June 28, 2012

As we continue to expand our Customer Dashboard, we constantly look to explain Mobile SEM Campaigns, and how they differ from Desktop SEM campaigns. All customers should have an eye on Mobile, with a portion of your SEM dedicated to Mobile.

In order to have the best experience, always have a Mobile Site. That means clean, crisp Call to Action! Most customers think a desktop site is fine for the mobile world, in reality it isn’t.

A Mobile Site, should be different in look and feel, and satisfy the consumer with simple things, like the Phone Number, Location, Video, Specials……..

Keep it simple, but clear!

See you next time……….

Posted May 23, 2012

Visiting Erie team today. Discussing Digital Marketing Services, and how it will be the future for the SMB space. Lots of focus on SEM, SEO, SMM, Video, Websites, and Mobile etc. Look forward to seeing the team.

Posted May 8, 2012

Visiting CT today to discuss Digital Marketing Services. Look forward to seeing the team, and the skill level compared to other Hearst properties.

Posted April 19, 2012

Hi to all,


As LocalEdge,, and Hearst Media Services continue the transition to Digital – it is apparent that letting our customers know, and finding new customers will make the transition much more successful.

We continue to invest in our most important asset, our people and staff. I had a great visit to our New England area, Portsmouth, Portland, Manchester etc.

I look forward to visit our South Carolina teams – Columbia, Charleston, Greenville, Augusta (GA) etc.

LocalEdge, and continue to move the line on Digital knowledge. I believe that our teams in this region will become one of the leaders in our company with New Digital Sales!


Best to all of you…………..

Posted March 19, 2012

I have been visiting the great states of TX and NC recently discussing Digital Marketing Services and how they make a difference with tradional media.

Met a great group in West Texas, and another wonderful team at the Dallas Morning News in the BELO building. Looking forward to my visit with all of North Carolina in the Raleigh office.

Jeff Folckemer