Posted February 27, 2012

Google Search Premier Partner……..that is why we are one of the best Search Engine Marketing companies out there. Combine that with our Search Engine Optimization skills, and our holistic approach to Mobile, we are your best partner to move your company into the Digital Space.

As we continue to onboard more Resellers, we will be setting up all of our partners to own the Local Search Engine Marketing space. In the end, print will be gone, and Digital will be left standing. Focus on the package, and take advantage of your local brand. This is how you reach local advertisers, and help local advertisers win in the digital age.

Posted February 19, 2012

Hi to all,, and are our websites. Our Employees continue to show professionalism, and grow their knowledge of how important our Digital Marketing Services is to our advertisers, the company and them.

Our Customer Care Unit, under the direction of Anna Olson continues to expand. The reachout to all customers is an important part of our onboarding service, which is something few companies do anymore.

Our Customers, and Employees are the most important asset that we have. We will continue to invest in both, with training, product, service, and sometimes just a thank you to show our appreciation.

The internet can be a vast resource for good and bad. I am proud to say that our team has taken the high road, and will always do there best to represent LocalEdge in a professional, positive, and truthful way.

Look forward to my Erie, Florida, and Texas Visits to review the big picture as we continue our full transition to our integrated Landing Pages, Preferred Placement, Websites, Constant Contact Email, SEM, SEO with our custom platform, SMM with our advanced customer contact, Video with VSEO, Yahoo!, Google Gold, Mobile Websites with QR codes, SMS with integration to our short code and email, Reputation Management with advanced customer contact, LocalTrack with performance marketing and tracking, and PRWeb with full sydication. All of this tied together on our Advertiser Dashboard! It is a very exciting time to be part of LocalEdge and Hearst.

We have Our Advertisers and Employees to thank! Thanks for visiting

Posted February 14, 2012

When you think you have you marketing plan done, think again. New digital marketing services are being added all the time. Think about the Google + growth? Our Social Media Management package needed to add Google + to prepare for the next big changes as Google.

Facebook continues to prepare for an IPO, guess what, you need to be ready for the changes they will need to make to satisfy the stockholders. This means they will need to make lots of decisions around making money.

Looking forward to a strong perfromance on the launch of of new product line. See the latest at, and

Posted January 14, 2012

Hi to All,

After thinking about how the Internet and Digital Marketing Services has positively affected our future at LocalEdge and Hearst Newspapers, it is clear that having Landing Pages, Preferred Placement, Websites, Email Marketing with Constant Contact, SEM, SEO, SMM, Video, Yahoo BT, Google Gold, Mobile Sites, SMS, Reputation Management, Local Track, Site Syndication……………………………….Along with our Print Products…………………….is the true ROI story that drives Leads to our Local Businesses, Regional Businesses, and National Business Partners.

Without the packages, something is missing. You can’t just be in tradional media. You can’t just be in Digital Media. It is truly the combination that feeds off each other to be everything to everyone, and what all of your customers are looking for.

Make no mistake, there are good companies that piece meal all of these parts. If you want the complete package you will Need to go to Hearst Media Services, or

I have seen the growth in our company, Employees and Business Partners. All are learning along the way. At some point, we will introduce Performance Marketing that is beyond all of these components. Hearst Media Services,, all will be there. Will You?

Jeff Folckemer

Posted January 10, 2012

We have been meeting with our strong leadership team at LocalEdge, and The group is very enerigized, and I see the power of team building with a strong digital set of products – Landing Pages, Preferred Digital Placement, Websites, Email Marketing, SEM, SEO, SMM, Video, Yahoo!, Google, Mobile Sites, SMS/Texting, Reputation Management, LocalTrack, PRWeb, and bringing it all together in the Customer Dashboard.

I look forward to the 2012 year, and positive energy the Sales Leadership, and Department Leadership that is in place at LocalEdge.