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Well the question that continues to arise….do I need to be on Facebook, or Google+? The answer………….Both! Facebook has been dominating in the Social Media Management space, but never count Google out. Google now has over 500M users. While Facebook has over 1B, Google+ is moving very fast in a very short time period.

The difference is the habits that have been formed. Facebook has users that must use the Facebook mobile app all the time. Google+ is still in launch mode. If Google+ was first, I am sure this would be reversed. This goes to show being first to market, sometimes has its benefits – USERs that are loyal.

Now, move the calendar 5 years forward, who knows who will own this space, and be profitable enough to stay in this space.

Google however is integrated into Gmail, Search, Maps, Android etc. etc. and Google Now. This is a company that understands that having integration, single point of launch, product cross pollination, mobile integeration is setting the value of the products and services for the future.

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